A remark on Proust style

(Proust answers a survey about the syle)

" I take by no means a liking (so as to use the terms of your survey) to writers who would be preoccupied with an "originality in the form". One should be preoccupied only with the impression or the idea to represent. The eyes of the mind are turned towards the inside, the inner model should be represented as accurately as possible. Only one added touch (so as to shine, or not to shine too much, or to obey a vain desire to surprise; or to the childlish whish to remain "classic") is enough to compromise the success of the experiment and the discovery of a law. All our forces dedicated to sumission to the reality are not enough to successfully translate the apparently most simple impression from the hidden world into the so different one of the concrete, where the ineffable resolves into clear formulas."

Extrait de "Essais et Articles", M. Proust, Folio Essais p. 341