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Abdellatif Zaidi

Assistant Professor
Universite Paris-Est Marne la Vallée



Lecture Notes (Fall 2011 and Spring 2012)

  1. EE-TC: Coding: Lecure Notes, Part I
  2. EE-TC: Coding: Lecure Notes, Part II

Projects and Homeworks

  1. EE-TC: Coding: Homeworks
  2. EE-TC: Coding: Projects

Lectures: Part I

  1. Introduction
  2. Elements of coding
    • Channel models and channel capacity
    • Achieving channel capacity with orthogonal signals
    • Channel reliability functions
  3. Linear Block Codes
    • Generator matrix and parity check matrices
    • Some specific linear block codes
    • Cyclic codes
    • Optimum soft-decision of linear block codes
    • Hard-decision decoding
    • Comparison of performance between hard- and soft-decision decoding
    • Bounds on minimum distance of linear block codes
    • Nonbinary block codes
    • Bounds on minimum distance of linear block codes
  4. Nonbinary Block Codes
    • Examples of nonbinary block codes
    • BCH codes
    • Reed-Solomon codes
    • Concatenated block codes
    • Interleaving of coded data for channels with burst errors

Lectures: Part II

  1. Convolutional Codes
    • The transfer function of a convolutional code
    • Optimum decoding of convolutional codes -- The Viterbi algorithm
    • Probability of error of soft-decision decoding
    • Probability of error of hard-decision decoding
    • Distance properties of binary convolutional codes
    • Nonbinary dual-k codes
    • Concatenated codes
    • Other decoding decoding algorithms for convolutional codes
    • Practical considerations in the application of convolutional codes
  2. Turbo Codes
    • Principles of Turbo-codes
    • Serial and parallel concatenation
    • Turbo encoding
    • Turbo decoding
    • Performance of Turbo-codes, probability of error
    • Examples of turbo codes
    • Product codes


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