Articles de journaux

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Articles de conférences

  1. G. Chierchia, A. Cherni, E. Chouzenoux, J.-C. Pesquet. Approche de Douglas-Rachford aléatoire par blocs appliquée à la régression logistique parcimonieuse. In Actes du 26e colloque GRETSI (GRETSI 2017), Juan-les-Pins, 5-8 Sep. 2017.
  2. A. Cherni, E. Chouzenoux and M.-A. Delsuc. Proximity Operators for a Class of Hybrid Sparsity+Entropy Priors. Application to DOSY NMR Signal Reconstruction. In Proceedings of the International Symposium on Signal, Image, Video and Communications (ISIVC 2016), Tunis, Tunisie, 21-23 Nov. 2016.

Séminaires / Workshops sans actes

  1. M.-A. Delsuc. The Big-Data in the 2D FT-ICR-MS. BMSS Annual Meeting 2017 (38th British Mass Spectrometry Society Annual Meeting), Manchester, UK, 5-7 Sep. 2017.
  2. A. Cherni. New Dictionary approach for the isotopic deconvolution. BMSS Annual Meeting 2017 (38th British Mass Spectrometry Society Annual Meeting), Manchester, UK, 5-7 Sep. 2017.