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Short CV


Since 2008: Université Paris Est, France: PhD in Signal Processing / Information Theory.

2006-2008: Helsinki University of Technology, Finland (now Aalto University): Master in Radio Communications, within the double degree TIME network program.

2004-2007: Supélec Engineering school, France.

2001-2004: Lycée Louis le Grand, Paris, France (MP*).

Work experience

Since Jan. 2009: R&D engineer at THALES Communications France, Colombes.

Jan.-July 2008: Master's thesis within a SIRADEL (Rennes, France) - SMARAD (Espoo, Finland) cooperation.

June-Sept. 2007: Summer trainee in NOKIA Helsinki, Finland.

July-Sept. 2005: Engineer trainee in SNECMA Villaroche, France.

Additional information

More details on my LinkedIn profile here.