Marguerite Duras                                                             L. F. Céline

It is only inside a house that one is truly alone        Je vois venir les jeunes redresseurs

_________________________                                              _________________________

Jean-Luc Godard

It’s a young country girl during the second empire


R. Barthes                                                                            Saint Augustin

If I was a writer, and dead                                               Qu’êtes-vous donc, ô mon Dieu

_________________________                                              ________________________________

T. Capote

I will not tolerate the presence of yellow roses        


J. Kerouac                                                                            Madame de Sevigne

I was smelling flowers in the yard                                A thing which causes the greatest joy

_________________________                                              ____________________________________

R.M. Rilke

If there is nothing you can share with other people


C.G. Jung

I abandoned myself to the motions of the unconscious